Friday, May 28, 2010

Here comes the sun....

Actually, the sun here in California shines most of the time, but I thought it a clever title. Really though, according to... Me, summer starts on Memorial day, and that is just around the corner. We thought it would be appropriate to do some Barbecuing with our favorite California residents, my brother Wes, his cute wife Ash, and their little kidlets. We thought we needed to do something fun together before the summer gets too crazy! It was so fun! We brought our large kidlet with us, and Hailey and Texas had a blast! They were like two peas in a pod. Texas followed Hailey wherever she went...
This could be my all time favorite picture....

Texas was a good sport when he became the horse attached to hailey's buggy.

He did get jealous though when Gabe payed more attention to Hailey than to him...

Hailey hurt her foot... So Gabe thought the best way to fix it was to turn the girl upside down. It actually seemed to fix the problem...

Gabe was sittin' back enjoying the sunshine, with a piece of grass in his mouth. (That's the way Cowboys relax in the sunshine...) So Hays saw this and with out words, stuck the grass in her mouth too...

She's a little Cowgirl in training. ( I love the horsie shirt Hays!)

And of Course. Whenever we Spencer girls get anywhere near Hailey, we stick a camera in her face. We've done it since she was born. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the first grandbaby on our side... but I can't seem to kick the habit. So here it is, the many faces of Hailey and Abby:

It was so fun Wes and Ash! Thank you for having us over! As I was going through my pics, I didn't see that I got any of you guys or Colty... I am bummed! But... We can't wait to see you guys on Sunday for Weston's Graduation. I'm sure there will be a few pictures taken on that occasion!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The smile that keeps me together...


This is Gabriel, I don't think we've met but it is definitely a pleasure. I just wanted to take a quick moment of your time to do a little bragging... you see MY WIFE IS TOTALLY AWESOME! (I'm sure you already knew that... but I just like to say it out loud!)

This little post is to congratulate ABBY for EARNING an "A" in her extremely difficult college Biology class. You see Abby is pretty freaking talented, let me explain:
  • Abby is a ROCKSTAR of a dental assistant... she's California RDA certified and has about 60 years of experience (its kind of a family thing...I think she has the teeth cleaning-whitening-fixing-filling gene. I'm sure they'll discover it soon.)
  • Abby also is a Cosmetology graduate, she gives some great haircuts and works wonders with hair up-do's... (something I had no idea about...I have all brothers...but she sure keeps me looking nice.)
  • Now after all that... Abby wants to add to her resume... and maybe you know like...GO TO NURSING SCHOOL. (Prob because every time I go anywhere with the boys I come home bleeding and swollen...ha ha)
So the first step of getting in to Nursing are the required classes, the big BIOLOGY 120...

Honestly, I was a little worried about this one, I know Universities use this class as a "weeder" class to skim the fat off the "health care" wanna-bee class.

It was quite the ordeal, we had to fudge the residency dates, petition to add her to the class (good thing she's super HOTT and had a male professor...), and get the boss lady to let her leave early 2 days a week.

Anyways, she did it all, missed only like one lecture, only cried a couple of times, and really learned the material- (nothing like discussing--in detail--the reproductive cycle with the girl I'll be reproducing with!) jk... that one may have went too far sorry... :D.

Abby is completely legit (new phrase i picked up in the OC) and I think the world should know. She's so freaking talented... there's nothing she can't do, (besides proof read for errors--jk). I'm such a lucky guy...

Here's to you ABBY!
CONGRATS ON YOUR "A!" I love you! You'll always be my sunshine!

Well she just made me an amazing Tilapia-rice-veggie, candle-light dinner.... with a Brownie for an appetizer (my life ROCKS!)

ps. I took that class and only got an A-... she's even smarter than me! (I love this picture... Hailey hurt her foot, Texas is Jealous... I usually hang him upside down... my life is outrageous! jk..)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

For the Love of the Game...

On Tuesday night Gabe and I got some Awesome Tickets to the Dodgers game! Thank you Jon and Mckelle!!!! After work, we headed toward the beautiful city of...
We obviously had a lot of time to sit in traffic and make some good conversation...
They call Baseball, "America's Favorite Past time", and for me, that is exactly what baseball means to me. Back in early May of 2008, Gabe and my relationship had just started to really bloom. We had just barely told each other the "L" word, and we really jumped into it, when I invited Gabe and his little brother Roman to join my friends and I on a trip back to Ecuador. We decided to drive to LAX, and since we got there about 12 hours early, we hit up a Dodger's game. We sat at the top of the bleachers, and peered down at the little guys on the field, throwing around what looked like a baseball. I remember sitting next to Gabe and getting all those first butterflies. What an exciting time, falling in love and watching Baseball. Later that year we went to lots of baseball games, and Gabe even proposed on the jumbo tron...
So what did Gabe and I talk about during the 2 hour drive to L.A.?...

Of course I reminisced and Gabe was so sweet to humor me and listen to me point things out that I remembered from our first time together in the Dodger Stadium! We had so much fun! And we were a little closer to the action this time. That's right. Those right there of the bum cheeks of Manny Ramirez. I have never sat close and I was super excited about it.
Now, I'm going to be honest... I'm a little torn. Is it OK to be an Angel's fan and a Dodger's fan? For some reason, as I sat in the stadium and looked around, I felt like I really belonged there. Maybe it was this calling my name....
I love that Fernando Valenzuela played there and that so many people still wear his jersey. Gabe bought this shirt when we went the first time. I accidentally shrunk it (not on purpose) in the dryer. I just get to wear it now...
We loved the game, we talked the whole way home about how much fun we had. I got those excited butterflies again. Only this time, its because not only do I get to sit next to that handsome guy, but the name on the shirt belongs to me!
gabe and abby VALENZUELA

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dear Paula Deen,

Dear Paula Deen,
Yesterday I went to the grocery store and saw Pot Roasts on sale. Of course I picked me up the biggest one and headed home with no recipe in mind. I showed my husband my find. His mouth started to water. He went straight to the trusty internet and googled recipe's for pot roasts. Your picture appeared. We clicked on a video and watched you in all your glory for 5 minutes create the "Harry Connick Jr. Pot Roast". When the movie was over... Gabe turned to me and said, "I'm in love with Paula Deen." Either he was serious, or he just really wanted me to make the recipe. One thing entered my head. "At least he doesn't have very high expectations for the future." Not to be rude or demeaning. I was happy. At least I know that in the future I can gain a few...10, 20, 30 pounds and my husband will still love me, as long as I can cook. Good to know... Then fear entered my head, fear that if I didn't learn to cook, (which I struggle with daily) my husband may just leave me... for you... Paula Deen.
And so... After church I got to work. I rubbed the roast with your special spice, I seared the meat, and I pulled out the secret ingredient from my cupboard. Well, not secret, the Red wine. Gabe was given Red wine for Christmas a couple years ago from a Pipe Hanger Fabrication shop. It has sat in our cupboard since and I had to explain when my mother came to town and gave me the odd look... you see, we're Mormon, and don't even have a cork puller-outer-thingy to open the darn bottle. Don't worry, Gabe asked the girl next door and she glady helped us out with the puller-outer-thingy... I added the rest of the ingredients, well I don't own worcestershire sauce, I'm hoping that's not that big of a deal. I substitued A1... Don't judge me. I'll get it next time... And then I stuck the whole thing in the oven. 3 hours... still waiting. I shouldn't have started so late. When I was done, my husband said, "I'm not in love with Paula Deen, I'm in love with Abby that cooks Paula Deen's recipe's". Sorry for the disappointment, I think I'm gonna hold onto this guy. Just as long as you keep putting your secrets online. Good news is that you might still get him, just not in the same way. He now wishes you were his Grandma. "Imagine the Sunday Dinners", he says. He said that every Christmas would be an "ON YEAR" if you were cooking for Christmas. (I'm gonna give my mom and mother-in-law your christmas recipe book, they'd be mad if they lost us on Christmas... We're really fun.)
Thank you Paula Deen.

Abby Valenzuela

The Women in Our Lives

I know I'm a little late.... but I just wanted to say Happy Mother's day to the wonderful women in our lives.

We love you.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cars, Keys, cops... and cereal.

This post is long... And I don't blame you if you don't read it... but I had to write it down. It's too classic of a story not to remember!

Wow... What a day. I am exhausted and here's why:
The day started with loads of potential. I woke up a little later than usual seeing as how my schedule at work has changed. I had until 1 pm to relax, hit up the gym, take our Texas on a walk and leisurely take my time to shower and get ready for the day. Gabe was trying to get everything done before he headed off to Vegas to pick up a big truck he had to drive back for his company. Gabe was at his desk, and even though he was working, it was nice to just have him in the other room. The morning, needless to say was fabulous. Ten o'clock rolled around. Gabe got his final emails in and got all packed up, ready to go. He was going to make some sales calls on the way to the airport. He gave me a big kiss, and headed out... NOT SO FAST. Not with out his keys. He started to look. Not soon after the beginning of his search, he engaged me in the hunt. Within minutes, our house was turned upside down. Looking, Looking, Looking. The keys were no where!!!! NO Where to be found! We knew they were in the house, we had used them the night before to get in. But they were honestly not here. We replayed the entire night, seriously, we acted it out. Then Gabe re-inacted his walk with Texas, hoping maybe they'd fallen out of his sweatshirt. They were gone. What the heck?!!! I've never been so frustrated. And its not like its cheap to get a new key... about the cost of an American Bulldog puppy.... Finally we decided I would have to take him to the airport in the hoopdy... other wise known as the Corolla. Only problem is, my car isn't registered. You see, I actually took it in to the DMV, waited in line, only to find out I don't have the original Title. I only have a copy and California hates copies. So they sent me home, register-less, in search of a TITLE. Of course, its no where to be found in this apartment... (seriously, how do you lose something in a one bedroom apartment?) ((And how do you lose the original and retain a the copy?)) So I had to request a new one, from the Utah DMV, by way of the all American mail system.... I'm still waiting... I cross my fingers every time I get in my car and drive one mile to work every day, hoping my odds are slim of a cop actually catching in that one mile... but now, I had to take Gabe to the airport... 30 minutes away. So about 5 minutes into the drive, we got pulled over... Really? Yes, really. By the police. He said he pulled us over because one of us... was not wearing their seatbelt....and then obviously saw that the car was not registered. We explained the whole bit to him and he actually felt some compassion toward the dorks in the hoopdy. Contrary to popular belief, Nice people still do exist! He only issued us a ticket for the seatbelt... CLICK IT OR TICKET!!! And sent us away. I dropped Gabe at the airport and sat in bumper to bumper traffic the whole way to work. Of course work was anything but usual. Our Air condtioner was out of service, and because the ladies I work with think that ideal working conditions are about Arctic temperatures, we had the Air guy come out. He got on the roof, changed the filter and then charged the doctor a pretty penny. For some reason, Dr. A thinks that I look similar to the Air guy and that next time I could do that filter change in order to save a buck or two... hundred... Really? So she sent me to the roof to see how its done. Last time i checked, this was absolutely not in my job description. I had to climb this insane ladder to the roof, weave my way in and out of gas lines, unscrew the huge box with a drill-a-ma-bobber, and then somehow manuver my way back down the ladder with out breaking my neck. I risked my life in the name of cool air... Never again. By the time I got to Biology, I was exhausted. When I finally got back home, I tore the house apart again, suceeding in nothing. It resulted in me, sitting on the couch, eating Captain Crunch and watching America's next top model. With the sugar running through my veins, I regrouped and was back on the hunt. 3 minutes later... I found the keys, in the shoe hanger-holder thingy.... VICTORY.
Lessons learned. God answers prayers. and I really love cereal.
Thank heavens my day is over and my bed is calling my name.