Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day!
We loved our first 4th of July in Arizona. In fact we loved the first 4th of July Gabe and I have ever spent together. We have known each other for 3 of them now, but have always been in different places when the 4th rolls around. I have to say, I loved spending it with my husband best of all.
After our own little BBQ, Gabe and I headed up to Wet 'N Wild to see the fireworks. We parked our truck out in the field, sat in the bed of the truck with our pillows and blanket and played cards. I felt like I was in a country song.
I feel like a lucky girl sitting next to this guy.
And nothin' like stealing a kiss under the fireworks.

The next night was the actual 4th of July. We went and saw the fireworks with my cute friend Megan and her husband Devin. Thank you for holdin' a spot for us!

Happy Fourth!

We made it... Home in Arizona!

I feel like I haven't been on this thing forever! That's what happens when you move and don't set up the internet for a while! We're still working on that. For now we go to the library and sign up for internet time. I'm actually in Utah right now and had some down time, so I thought I'd share some pics from our move to Arizona...

The whole move from start to finish was quite the process! I still can't believe we got it all done. I am truly amazed at Gabe and I and our skills to pack so so SO much stuff into one little one-bedroom apartment. We had our things stuffed in every nook and cranny of that place. But we got it all out.

We kept Tex entertained by letting him chew up all the cardboard boxes. He had a hay day and later paid when he puked it all up.

We had so much stuff to haul, but Gabe and I had so much help from the Elder's Quorum of both our wards. The truck was loaded and ready to go in 20 min. flat! We were so grateful!

We said goodbye to our little Apt #2k....
Although we joke about how we will NOT miss our little apartment, (which we won't) I'm so so glad we spent the first year and some of our marriage there. We learned so much about life and love in those walls. I won't ever forget our time in beautiful Mission Viejo. We were definately spoiled our first year.... Now on to starving student world! (we can't wait!)

So long Crazy Lady, weird iguana man, broken trees, leash laws, doggie bags, crazy neighbors, high rent, swimming pool full of kids and bacteria, and tow trucks... You may not be missed....
So long beautiful Mission Viejo, Sunny beach days, gorgeous weather, long walks to the park, beautiful drives to San Diego, awesome shopping, super fun six flags, cute little hays and colt, picnics at the beach, fun restaurants, the green belt on Retiro, the amazing dog beach, Dr. Allen's office, our friendly ward, and the four walls that housed our little family and made a home. You will definitely be missed and in our hearts.
Gabe and I, one last shot in front of our own first little place. Don't mind the fact that we look like bum cheeks who have been moving all night.
We did it! Adios California! Our moving truck headed to...

I only looked back once to see this beautiful sunset in my rear view mirror....
Alright so besides the fact that we were so so excited to get to Arizona, I personally counted the seconds that passed till we arrived. You see, my air conditioner broke and I hadn't realized it. I never really needed it while I was living in the most temperate place on the planet. But as soon as we pulled out of Orange County, the heat wave sank into my car....
And Tex was bugged....
The kid was miserable the whole time. I just continued to drown Tex and I in water as we drove through the desert. Bless Gabe's heart. He felt so bad, we would pull over to the side of the road and all sit in the truck to cool down. Needless to say we survived. It really wasn't all that bad, but I think these pictures of Texas are classic.
We finally made it home! Isn't my kitchen adorable? Or can you not see it from all the boxes? I haven't taken pics of the finished project yet. You're just going to have to wait... I know, you're dying from anticipation....
Tex loves the new house! He always running around the back yard with a big smile on his face. He loved the 4th of July too. It's not every day Tex eats hot dogs...

We had to fill up our little house with something... so Gabe and I spent the holiday looking for a couch. We went to all the furniture places and could not find the right couch. Finally we decided we were fatigued and headed to Costco for free samples and a slice of pizza. We didn't get either. But we did go home with a couch for an awesome deal. And we love it!
Here's my amazing handy dandy man. The guy could strap a boat on that truck with just some twine.
We got it all in our truck and all set up at home. We love it! Pics to come! But for the full effect your going to have to try it out... visitors welcome!!!
After a few days, we got pretty much settled in and enjoyed an awesome 3d of July BBQ. We are loving Arizona and our new life in the heat!
More pictures to come!