Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Giving Thanks....

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving in Texas.  Gabe's little brother, Matt, lives in Houston so he made the drive up to Dallas and we ate dinner as a little family.  At first I was wanting to just go out to dinner since there were so few of us, (and really just afraid of cooking the feast), but Gabe talked me into cooking and I am so so glad he did.  It was so fun and so stressful all at the same time.  And that last hour is a rush.  Wow, I said after that I don't think I have properly thanked all the women in my life that have cooked me Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a great little dinner on Thursday and on Friday we invited the missionaries over for leftovers.  Londyn got to wear her new little turkey outfit that I made her complete with a turkey shirt, rag skirt, leg warmers and headband.  She was decked for the occasion.  It was such a great day and I loved thinking about all the many things I am grateful for.

The spread: complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sugared yams, corn casserole, jello, rolls, brownies and ice cream, and our thankful tree.  (We've been writing what we are thankful for all month on little leaves and putting them on our tree.)

I whipped out our fancy silverware.  They haven't been out of the box since we were married almost 4 years ago.  
She was totally content with a bowl and spoon just to make noise.
Carving the bird.
IT was  a wonderful holiday.  And we are especially thankful this year for our little cowgirl.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Halloween in texas...

Halloween is so much more fun when you have a little one.  We spent our day dressing up like zebras and our night with good friends and good food.  I pretty much think we have the cutest zebra around.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Texas Fall....

I always love the Fall.  It is by far, my favorite season.  I love the red and the orange leaves the cool, crisp air, and best of all... the boots get brought out.  Fall is even more fun with a little gal to tote around and take to all the fun fall festivities.  We have loved autumn in Texas.  The weather is perfect.  Here is a few pics of all of our Fall happenings:

Flower Mound Pumpkin patch with The Colony Mommies Playgroup

 Seriously, this next one kills me... she is so stinkin' cute

 Haha... that bow... don't think I could have made it any bigger?

 The group

 Londyn learned a new trick that morning, crossing her fingers.  I think she was hoping we'd find a good pumpkin.  Well, after we visited the patch and looked at all the $25 pumpkins, we hit up the local wally mart for a $4 one.  

In between general conference we took a walk in a nature preserve park all bundled up. 

One of her three halloween costumes
 Grandpa Valenzuela came to visit one night on a work trip. Londyn sure loves her Grandpa.  It was so fun.  I wish we lived closer! m

WE visited dad at work and learned all about Life Insurance.  He took us on a lunch date afterwards.  

We took a trip to Utah (more pics of that to come) And we visited the witches at Gardner Village with both Grandmas.  It was so fun.  And quite the photo op.  

4,5,6...7,8,9. Our 9 month babe...

So... Here I am.  I really sat at my computer this morning and thought.... what do I even start with.  Well, maybe I should start with the posts that I have neglected for 6 months.  Seriously.  6 months.  I thought it would be so fun to blog and keep record every month of my growing baby.  And then life happened.  It was struggle enough for me to remember just to snap a picture on each monthly birthday. Seriously, you wonder moms, I don't know how you do it, with 4 kids, looking like a super model and blogging and all.   Someday I wanna grow up to be like you.  A good goal I suppose.  I'll play catch up on the blog until then... haha.  
(To preface this... the following is mostly just so that I don't forget my own feelings... If you wanna skip the text and go straight to the pics... feel free. :)

Seriously, where has the time gone?!  My little baby that was 4 months old and couldn't sit up, barely hold her head up and basically was just the cutest blob on the planet is now a rolling, blabbering, cereal loving, into EVERYthing, game playing, laughing real big baby!  She is 9 months old!  Can you even believe it.  I think there is a moment every day when I look at her and it hits me that she is mine, she is a person that thinks and acts and has a personality that is all her own... and she is mine.  It is crazy, and I don't think I could explain it to any body, but if you are a mom, you just get it.  There are still moments that I am taken back in awe and for just a second I think, am I really doing this?  Am I really reading a baby a little card board book before bed?  Am I really watching this little girl pick up a little piece of cheese and encourage her to find it's way to her mouth?  Am I really making a bubble beard on her little cheeks at bath time?  Holding her little hands as she walks and waddles with help?  These are things you only really dream about as a girl, growing up, playing house, anxiously waiting to have your first baby. And now it is an every day routine at our house.  I am grateful I get to play house for real.  Londyn Belle is such a joy in our life.  What was life like without her?  It's like she's been with us all the time.  We love to watch her grow and discover this big world.  She is so beautiful and so fun and so smart.  It is fun to watch her figure out games and new things.  She loves to open and shut the shower door in the morning while I'm getting ready, she loves to play peek a boo with the towel after bath, she loves books and is mesmerized by only a certain few... the others make good chew toys.  She has got a killer personality and the more she shows it, the more I fall in love.  She kinda reminds me of her dad, which is a good thing.  The other day in church she was so happy, she wanted to meet and babble to everyone, such a little busy body.  She is definately outgoing and a real people person.  She loves, loves, loves going on walks.  She is a gem in the stroller.  She lays back, usually throws one foot up on the tray and relaxes while watching the world go by.  It also works out in my favor that she is a fabulous shopping buddy.  She loves to see the mall go by and I love the mall.  We are such a good team... haha.  She is finally starting to get some hair and smiles when the wind blows it all back.  We also recently found out she has curly hair.  HELLO hair product!  It is so darling.  Our little curly sue.  She has 4 teeth now.  Boy, those top two took a killer time coming in.  She is loving biting new things now, and I can most often hear her grinding those teeth.  A habit I don't know how to stop... She has also found me, my arm and my hair her favorite chew toy.  Also would like to nip that in the butt.  It's definitely fun to be loved though.  I would be lying if I said that I didn't love love love the fact that she is a mamma's girl.  Don't get me wrong, she loves her dadda, but man, I am her go to.  In the morning when she wakes up, she wraps her little arms around my neck and gives me a squeeze, usually along with a slobbery lick to the face.  It is so interesting to me how those simple signs of affection are innately given to us.  I don't know that I taught her to hug or to kiss, besides the 30 million hugs and kisses I give her everyday... so whether or not I taught it to her or it came with her from heaven, this little girl definitely shows us in return that she loves us as much as we love her.  She is such a happy happy baby.  I cannot go ANYwhere, without people stopping me to talk to her.  And she always, without a doubt, gives them a smile.  She loves people.  I have made friends with total strangers in the grocery store, at the mall, in the airplane and everywhere else with this little gal.  People often tell me she's the happiest baby they've ever seen.  I absolutely think she came prepackaged that way.  Believe me, I am trying my very bestest to be a good mom, to make all the right decisions with her, but I think she is her own happy little being.  I love just being able to spend time with her.  I love that she is my little buddy, with me every where I go.  Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  It is definately one of the hardest jobs on the planet, but I couldn't think of any where else I would rather be or anything more rewarding.  And I love watching Gabe be a dad.  Seriously, nothing is cooler or more attractive than watching a dad and his little girl laughing together on the couch, or watching him rock her.  They are quite the little couple.  
Our favorite song these days is, You Are my Sunshine.  And nothing describes her better.  Our sunshine.  She truly makes everyday bright and happy.  What a bright light in our lives.  We sure love her.  Happy 9 months londyn Belle.  

A few pics from the last 6 months:  

I just have to mention that this little romper she is wearing at 10 days are the same little shorts she is wearing just 9 months later.  It is so crazy how fast they grow... I wish she would slow down!!!