Sunday, September 12, 2010

Missing the lights...

Gabe and Abby's favorite past time: Football
Gabe and I love football. Especially Utah Football.
I can't tell you how much I am missing Utah football this year. The lights, the red uniforms, the smell of hot dogs and nachos in the stadium, the Utah fight song you hear as you get closer to the tail gate party, bundling up for a cold october night in the red seats, the excitement in in the stands as our team runs into the end zone... I am missing me some Utah football for sure.
We are yet to see the Utes play this year. (My bottom lip is turning under and quivering...) I blame lack of The Mountain channel not televised on regular Arizona T.V... Really, What's up with that? And blessed monday morning med school tests. Bless Gabe's heart. I know he wishes he was at a football game instead of glued to his office chair with his nose in a book.
Our hearts are with the Utes though. We still bleed red through and through. I wear red to work under my scrubs on game day and talk some good smack to the BYU loving doctors I work with. ( I can't wait 'till I go back to work tomorrow. I love that the U won and the Y took a good loss. Makes my heart smile :) )
My goal is to get to a sports bar one of these Saturdays to try and see some Utah football.
Until then...
"We'll fight for dear ol' crimson for a

Some other football we're missing...
And by missing I mean Gabe get's a far away look in his eyes and a sad puppy dog look on Friday nights missing...
Is this dude. Roman is playing football at Bingham his Senior year. Talk about an awesome team. They are number one in Utah, and well deserved. This team is amazing and Roman is a rock star. I wish so bad we could be there to see him every Friday night. We're for sure thinking about him though and hoping we can make it for at least one.
You're awesome Roman!

And finally, some football close to home. I've never lived anywhere with a NFL team. I came to Arizona already saying I was for sure a cardinals fan. They already had some awesome things going for them. First off, they wear red. Done... I'm a fan. Secondly, they had Matt Leinart. When I was a freshman in college and Mr. Leinart was playing at USC, I thought he was absolutely dreamy. Major heisman crush on the guy. So it was perfect that he was starting quarterback for the team I was becoming a fan of. Well, I'll tell you what. He is not that dreamy or good looking when he's being sacked or throwing interceptions. Pretty sure I agree with booting him off the team.
Going to be honest. I'm not for sure sold on the Cardinals. Especially since second string quarterback Max Hall thinks I'm classless.
I'll give it some good effort though...
Go Cardinals. Happy to share the great state of Arizona with you.

Happy Football season ya'll!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Welcome, Welcome!

Last weekend we had our first visitors! It was so fun! My parents drove down to see us in Arizona and spent the weekend with us! I cannot thank them enough. For a year and a half, about half of our wedding presents have been in storage. They loaded up Grandpa's Tahoe and drove all the way down. I loved unwrapping all my bowls, platters and dishes. It was so so fun! Then we spent all day Saturday looking for fabric so my mom could sew all my curtains. She is amazing. Thank you so so much mom!!!!! (I need to post some pics of our house!!!! Especially now that I have the cutest curtains!)
They stayed at their friend's beautiful vacation home in Scottsdale. We had a lot of fun hanging out by the pool, relaxing in the sun.
We shopped, ate yummy food, swam, relaxed, ate yogurt and sewed, sewed, sewed. It was so fun to have them down and show them around Phoenix. The weekend went WAY too fast.
Can't wait to have you down again!
Love you!