Monday, April 27, 2009

A Big Birthday Shout-out!

While we were in the process of moving ourselves across states, I failed to give some birthday shout-outs to some of my most favorite people in the world. And so my apologies go out for the belated Happy Birthdays. But better late than never right?

First of all, Happy Birthday to my wonderful dad! He is honestly the most amazing man in the world. He is such a great and silent example. His acts of service and his hard work and dedication often goes untalked about, but is never over looked in my eyes. I haved watched him, ever since I was little. Always working with his hands, whether it be remodeling the house, building a shed, rebuilding a jeep, a Land Cruiser, an old '54 Chevy pick-up, or a Motorcycle. Always dedicated to doing what he has been asked. In the mornings I would often wake up and find my dad reading his scriptures, alot of times in spanish, gathering our family for prayer, and giving us simple but powerful advise. Always there for us when we need him, and always telling us He loves us. My dad is simply wonderful and I just love him more than anything. Dad thank you for all you do for us. I am so glad we got to spend your birthday down in Cali together! And... I must say... you are looking younger and younger with every birthday!

To my darling sister-in-law Ashey! Ashley is such an awesome sister-in-law! When she and Wes were engaged Ash would sometimes sleep over at our house so she didn't have to drive home to provo late at night. I loved those nights. Ash and I would have sleep overs and I loved to her about how she and wes met, how they fell in love, and how he proposed, you know... from a girls point of view. (my brother didn't give much detail) I am so lucky to have her as a sister. I have so much fun with her. I love shopping and hanging out by the pool at her mom's in Glendora. I am so glad we moved a little closer. Maybe we'll get some more shopping days at Santi Alley! Love you Ash! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jake! (Jake is pictured on the far left) Ok, I need not apologize for this belated birthday shout-out, because I am early on this one! Jake turns 23 on Friday! We love Jake. He is such and awesome brother to Gabe and a great Brother-in-law. We've spent a couple nights hangin' out the three of us and Jake is so fun to be around. He is such a hard worker. He's working and going to school up at Utah State and is doing awesome.
Happy Birthday Jake! Enjoy the Day!

And finally to my sweet heart niece, my little Hailey Bug. Oh I love this little girl to death. She is such a doll. I was lucky enough to be here on her birthday this year since they only live a little ways from our new place. She was such a cutie on her birthday. Ash put together an amazing "Fancy Nancy" birthday party and all her little friends came in dress up. Hailey ate the entire dish of Starburst and opened an endless supply of toys.
She is so fun to be around. Her latest kick is the musical "Annie". She loves to sing "Tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya, AL-WAYS". She is facinated with everything around her. She moves from one corner to the next, outside, inside, this toy, that toy, she is everywhere. And I just love watching and playing, trying to keep up with her every move.
Happy Birthday Hailey Bug! I love you!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Take me out to the ball game!

Angel Stadium: Home of the Anaheim Angels! Gabe's company has season tickets to all the Angels games. And on Wednesday, I was lucky enough to be his date to the game. It was so cool!!!! Gabe and I love baseball games. Last summer we spent a day in the Dodger Stadium, eating Dodger Dogs and cheering on the team. We also spent summer nights cheering on the Salt Lake Bees and even got engaged on the jumbo tron in front of a sold out crowd. Needless to say, we were excited to spend the night in the awesome Angels stadium.

The night was beautiful. I love Baseball stadiums, the smell of hot dogs, cotton candy, and nachos all rolled into one, the people that come out to cheer on the team, sing "Take me out to the ball game" and do the wave continuously, the field with the greenest grass I have ever seen, and the lights that turn the night to day.
Gabe's company has Great seats! They sit in the Club section of the stadium, the VIP section if you will. I'm not going to lie, I felt a little cool walking into those seats. During about the 5th inning, Gabe and I decided to wander around the area. We found a restaurant that sits over the field.... SO COOL. We sat down and ordered. But we didn't order any regular over-priced dodger dog....
Nope! We ordered this.... SUSHI, BUFFALO WINGS and a GOURMET BURGER!

Needless to say we enjoyed our meal. The whole time, Gabe just kept laughing at me because I looked like a wide eyed 4 year old. I kept saying, "THIS IS SO COOL!" Because really, it was.

It's not everyday you get to use chopsticks in a Major League Baseball Stadium! Ok and honestly some of the best sushi I've ever had! Oh, and even the diet pepsi tasted better than regular!

We finished up eating and ventured back to our seats. It was actually a little cold down here in California. Gabe and I had come to the game in flip-flops and shorts, expecting a nice warm summer night. Not the case. It was a little brisk if I must say, but Californians plan for these types of things. When the weather drops below 70, they come prepared. They handed out these awesome beanies to everyone, to keep their heads warm and happy. They were really the goofiest hats in the world, but Gabe humored me and put it on for the picture...(thanks babe)
All in all, it was an awesome night. What a great first week in California! Gabe is going to have a great time this season taking his clients to those games. (lucky ducks!)

Oh and on the way out, we had to stop and get a picture next to the huge "A" that stands in front of the stadium welcoming all the fans to the game. (When I was younger, I always said my favorite team were the Angels, just because of the huge "A", (Stands for Abby))
Gabriel and Abigail Valenzuela: The Anaheim Angels' newest baseball fans!

And on my next blog.... Pics from the move!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We live in California!

Well, it is official! We made it, and we are living in California! What a week it has been! Last monday, Gabe and I loaded the truck with all of our stuff... (seriously, you would think that newly weds wouldn't have so much stuff). It took us the whole day. It took five stops to load the truck.... the furniture at Gabe's parents', the Couch at Ashley furniture, Apollo Burger (to load our tummies... we had to eat there one last time in Utah, seeing as it is our spot), the wedding gifts at my parents, and everything else we'd been living with at Grammy and Grampa's. We finally got it all loaded and fell into bed, only to get up four hours later to make the drive. We woke up early the next morning in the dark to start driving. Bless Gabe's heart. He drove the big truck, while I followed him in my little Corolla. He said he felt like a bug in a jar, being shaken up the whole way down. We drove all day, only stopping in Primm, Nevada for an overpriced Buffet. (Didn't matter though... We were starving!) After lunch, I drove ahead of Gabe to try and get there in time to sign the lease, didn't matter though cause I didn't make it! We stayed in a Hotel that night in Annaheim Hills and the journey continued the next morning. We got there about 9:30 and Gabe and I started unloading the truck. It was a sight to see. Gabe pulling the fridge up the stairs, while I was pushing. After a few hours, we got all of our things in and sat down on our floor for some chicken from El Pollo Loco... (my new favorite fast food place). We unloaded all night, got our bed set up and the kitchen set up and once again fell into bed. I woke up ready to blog all about our move.... soon to discover that the charger for my laptop won't work!!!! Seriously.... I am yet to find an apple store and the time to fix it, so here I am blogging on Gabe's lap top... again, bless his heart for being a sweet heart and letting me use his computer. All in all the week has been awesome. We're all moved in, furniture set up, decorating yet to accomplish. We've seen Weston and Ashley and spent the day with Hailey for her birthday, we've visited our new ward and were so happy to find a lot of couples our age, were able to spend the day with my parents who were down for Hailey's birthday, and the night with Gabe's dad who was down on business. We've driven to the beach and are excited for more beach days! Gabe has been able to work and its so awesome that he can work in his area and I get to see him the nights that he does! I've been looking for a job and hoping to find one soon! We love it here and excited to see what adventures California holds for us next. I promise there will be more pictures from the move as soon as I get my charger working!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We're Moving!

I know its been forever, but things have been so crazy lately! We found out we are moving a little sooner than we had antisipated... which is awesome! We are so excited! Gabe and I went down to California last week in search for an apartment. Gabe had to work alot of the time we were down there so I was busy on my laptop looking, looking for a place to live. AND WE FOUND IT!!!! I love it! Its an apartment in a place called Mission Viejo in Orange County. It is so beautiful and we are only about 15 minutes from the beach. The best part is that it is our own little place. Gabe will be able to work alot in California and travel a little less than he has been to his other areas. Oh... and we will have the internet, a major plus for the both of us. I am most excited about the pool outside the apartment, hopefully this summer we can spend some good saturdays at the pool and learning to surf at the beach. And... best of all, the sun is going to shine! I can't wait! Good thing we are moving right away! (Seriously, I have so much to do, I don't know why I am blogging right now) We are moving on monday. That's right, in 5 days! We have so much to do and get done. So I'm going to stop blogging now and get my errands done. But there will be more blogs to come... from our own place... in Mission Viejo, CALIFORNIA!!!