Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our life as of late...

And most importantly!!!!!
Announcing our baby girl!
Baby Girl Valenzuela
Due date: February 6, 2012.
We can't even wait!!!

Here she is! Our little gummy bear caught on camera! I am loving ultra sounds! And my doctor is so awesome! I begged him on an early appointment to let us find out the sex. He said, "Of course! Let's find out today!" There she was. Since, she has been a little camera shy and won't show us her little face, just her back and bum. I'm sure she'll grow out of that the second she makes her big debut!

Here's a little snapshot of my journey with the little gal. The pic in the middle is the day that Gabe and I found out. Such an awesome and crazy day. We were in Rome, Italy. We searched all day for a pharmacy, paid WAY to much for a pee stick, and then waited for two pink lines. They showed up right away and we went out for pizza. The morning sickness soon followed and my longing for home got greater. We didn't tell any of our friends on the trip. I had to keep it a secret for about 3 weeks until we could finally tell our fam. The pic in the top left is my first belly pic, Aug 27, 2011, week 16. Ok, so not much of a belly. I just look a little chubbed out. I blame her. She's just "cushioning her ride". The pic in the top right is Sept. 9, at week 18. That night I got asked for the first time if I was pregnant. SO Happy I was! The bottom right is the day we found out she was a gal. We decided we would have potatoes and eggs, a mountain man breakfast if it was a boy and crepes if it was a girl. Crepes it was. That was after I cried in the parking lot over the excitement of bows and easter dresses. We are so excited. And Gabe is so so cute when he talks about "his little girl". The bottom left was just a little scare at work. I passed out a couple of times at work. Gabe took me to the hospital and they ran a bunch of tests. They couldn't find anything wrong and the baby is just fine. They are going to do more blood work but everything should be good. It was crazy though. It was the first time I really felt like a mom, like she was mine and I worried about her. I cannot wait to meet her. To kiss her and rock her and sing to her. I can't wait to see what she looks like and to meet her little personality. Time can't pass fast enough!
And the rest of our happenings! Gabe started another trimester at Thunderbird. It has him busy busy busy ALL the time! Its good though. He is on the fast track to graduation. We are counting the days (and months)... We got a new little car! And I love it!!!! I retired the corollas in April after a minor accident. We searched for THE CAR and finally found it! So cute! A perfect little car for two Arizona gals to cruise around in! My mama also came down for a visit and to hook up the little gal with her first wardrobe! We got the cutest stuff!!! Thank you mama! We also went camping, just my boys and I. It was so nice to get out of the heat even for just 24 hours. Payson is so beautiful and we loved being up in the mountains. And last but not least... We watched our Utes crush BYU last week in that awesome game. What a fun night. We got to watch the game with Gabe's parents and celebrate after with pizza and some good facebook gloating. Go UTES!!!

I'm all up to date!!!!! Look at that, in just two posts! Now lets hope its not February before you hear from me again!!!

I'm back!!!

Yes, it is true, for the 2 people that may still check this thing... I am back!!!! To be honest, I've been completely overwhelmed by the thought of even trying to document our life for the last 6 months, let alone upload hundreds of pictures onto blogger. But with a lazy day off of work, I decided to tackle the task. Thank heavens for finally figuring out how to put my pics into collages too. Our life for the last 6 months has been CRAZY!!!! But, with the story in a nutshell....
Gabe did a study abroad for his MBA program at Thunderbird School of Global Management. (For those of you who want to know where he lives during the day). He studied in Prague in the Czech Republic for 6 weeks. I was lucky enough to get to tag along for the journey. It started off with a two week cruise across the Atlantic Ocean. That was not part of the studying though. That was just an awesome (and cheaper might I add) way to get from AZ to Europe. LOVED IT!!!!!! I would venture to say it was my favorite part of the whole trip. But How do you compare to two weeks of sun, fun, crazy amounts of yummy food, sleeping in, and visiting the Carribean, spain, Portugal and the Canaries. It was awesome! We finally got to Prague and Gabe started school. It was intense, super long days and all nighters of studying and projects. But somehow we managed to squeeze in a trip to Czesky Crumlov, Rome, and Budapest. The whole experience over seas was amazing. I learned so much about other countries and cultures. I am so grateful we were able to do it together too. Because of some minor details... (aka... a new baby on the way....!!!!) I was so so excited to get back to the U.S. of A.!!!! Love America. We ended the trip with a lay over in New York..... LOVED it!!!!! We were only there for seriously, 12 hours so we rushed around the city like crazies and we were even able to see Wicked!!!! Cross it off my bucket list. Another amazing birthday present from my husband. We loved our adventure and are happy now to be back home in AZ.... cooking my little gummy bear inside me! More to come on that!
Here are a few pics from the trip : (seriously, the cream of the crop from thousands of pics)

Cruisin' the Atlantic