Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our little camera bug...

So... I was under the illusion (that I made up in my head) that my little baby girl and I were going to be playing dress up and taking pictures every day. I was pretty sure she was just going to want to be in big bows and cute little outfits and have a camera in her face. On the contrary... she does NOT! She actually hates having her picture taken. And I don't blame her. It's hard to
sit still and look pretty when you're so uncomfortable and there's at least 5 people watching.
But not TOO hard when you're just naturally beautiful and adorable. We had Londyn's picture taken a couple times. First in the hospital, I didn't even know they did that. We of course were suckered into buying the whole package... of course we wanted professional pictures of her when she was 2 days old. I also had a session with an adorable local photographer. If you live in Phoenix and want awesome pictures for a fantastic price, let me know, I'll give you her info. Londyn was not so happy for these. She was only 10 days old. Hates to be unswaddled, especially hates a bare bum, and does not like to be put into position. She would rather flail her
arms and legs about and cry. After a stressful (for me) hour and a half, we called it quits. I was worried we only got maybe 3 good ones, but she caught so so many good ones!!! You wouldn't even know that she was totally bugged. I love them! Doesn't she look like such a little girly girl?
And she hasn't even edited them yet... I did just a tad of color editing. They are awesome, we love them! Enjoy our little darling! Warning... another photo overload...

These first ones are the session when she is 10 days old. The second was in the hospital at 2 days old.

In the hospital:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Londyn Belle Valenzuela

Londyn Belle Valenzuela
Born January 30, 2012
at 6:20 P.m.
Weighed 7 lb. 11 oz.
20" long

Here is her story :)

Londyn's original due date was February 6, 2012. I talked with my doctor about his feelings on inducing her close to her due date or just a couple days before so that my mom could fly in and be here when Londyn came. He said he had no problem with it as long as Londyn was healthy and my body was ready for labor. I went to the doctor a week before the 30th and I was already dialating and effaced. I was hoping Londyn would come on her own a little early but no such luck. She loved her waterbed. Dr. Erickson said they would call the hospital and set up an induction date. The hospital called me back and said that they put me on the waiting list starting on the day of my 39th week. They told me not to get my hopes up and that there were a lot of people on the waiting list. They called back a couple days later and told me that I was off the waiting list and I would be having my baby the 30th of January! This was 3 days before then. We quickly scurried into nesting gear and got the house completely baby ready. My mom booked a last minute flight and I squeezed in every last one of my lash clients, which is not easy to do at 9 months pregnant. I was scheduled to go in on the 29th, sunday night at 10 o'clock to start the process. That sunday finally came. It was such a pretty day. The sun was shining, the sky was blue. We even rode to church with the top down in the bug. It was a beautiful day. I was so happy, not feeling nervous or even overly excited, just really peaceful. After church, and while we were waiting for my mom's plane to come in the hospital called and said that my room was all ready for us and that we could come anytime. As soon as my mom flew in, we grubbed dinner, Gabe gave me a blessing, and we were off. We got to the hospital at about 7:30 and began the process. Gabe and my mom set up shop, popped popcorn, ate candy and watched movies. It was an awesome slumber party for them. :) I on the other hand enjoyed my smaller contractions all night and my apple juice. Gabe and my mom finally fell asleep at about 1 am. I stayed up all night with contractions and listening to her little heart beat. I couldn't fall asleep. Finally at 7 am after what seemed like the longest night in the world, my doctor came in and broke my water. And then began the worst hour of my life until that blessed epidural. For those of you that have babies natural... you are my hero. But I'm not going to lie. That epidural made me more comfortable than I had been in the last 6 months. Heavenly. The day dragged on. I of course couldn't sleep, I just kept waiting for some progress, which wasn't happening. Finally at about 5:45 we were ready to push! Londyn finally came at 6:20. She came out crying and they layed her on my chest. It was amazing. One of the most spiritual, happiest moments of my life. I of course couldn't stop crying. She was just so beautiful and perfect and her cry sounded like a little kitten. She was perfectly healthy. Gabe and I felt so blessed. In the short two and half weeks she has brightened up our lives. i didnt know i could fall in love with someone so little and so quickly. Gabe is the best daddy. He sure loves his little girl.
Here are some pictures... ok a lot of pictures from our stay at the hospital. I have lots more pics from her first couple weeks home, but I'll get to those on a little later.

On our way into the hospital... the last pic being awesomely huge!

Getting all settled in the delivery room. Not knowing we'd be in there a good long 23 hours!
Before the good contractions hit. Notice my hot nylons... for swollen swollen feet.
And after 23 long hours she finally made it!! Getting all her measurements.
And weighing in at 7.11!
My amazing amazing Dr. Erickson that delivered her. He is awesome! I just love him!
Getting held by her
And back to mama after all her measurements.
Falling in love with Londyn Belle
Our first family picture. Ignore the swollen cry eyes.
Our family of three
Our first night we spent as a family. i of course still couldn't sleep.
And my amazing mama and now grammy of 3! I was so glad she was there.She was such a huge help to us.
One of the thousand pictures we snapped of her on our phones.
The next day after a little bit of recovery.
We spent the days in the hospital cuddling.
Dad came back to visit after school and brought presents.
Our amazing friends! Thanks for coming to visit!
We love you guys!
Catching some z's....

presents from grammy. A darling picture to hang in her room and carnations with dollar bills tied on. So cute!
And dad brought flowers and a new cute jacket for us
Getting her newborn pics in the hospital. They turned out so cute. I'll post those next!
Her going home outfit
Look how bintsy she is in her car seat
And trying to keep her head from floppin around on the way home.
Leaving the hospital!
Welcome home Londyn Belle! The cute ballons my mom put out to welcome us home!