Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Utah Autumn...

A couple weekends ago, Gabe had a big career conference in California. I was planning on going with him, but after reading his insane schedule (up at 5 am... gone till past midnight...), I decided to pack up Tex and I and head to Utah. The two of us made the 11 1/2 hour drive, listening to old Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill CD's and trying not to stop every 12 minutes to pee. Thank you baby in my belly :) It was worth the drive though! I got to spend a fun weekend with the fam! We jam packed the weekend full of yummy food, the new movie footloose, visiting in laws and grandparents, watching my cute cousin play little league football, and my dad was nice enough to babysit tex for the night while just us girls went to Park City. It was so fun to spend so much time with Laur. Usually she has a packed schedule full of friends and dates, but I told her she MUST clear her schedule for me. Ha, ha... It was so fun to have her all to myself! and Ah, It was so refreshing to see the leaves changing colors, one of the biggest things I miss living in the desert! The weekend went by way to fast! Thank you Mama and Dad and Laur for all the fun!
Here are a few pics from the trip. I am so sad... I can't find my camera charger. I seriously pride myself on always being able to find EVERYTHING! As my belly is growing bigger, I swear my mind is getting smaller. I can't remember ANYTHING!!!! So... here are some pics from the phone and stolen from my mom...

Our cute little matching cars!
The Beautiful leaves of Park City!

At Main Street Pizza and Noodles with the gals... such a fun night!

Cheering on cute Blake at his football game

And Tex... Not real super excited for the 11 hour drive ahead of him.

Such a fun trip!!! And Gabe's trip was a success! He rocked the career conference and set up a bunch of job interviews for post graduation. He's so awesome!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Phoenix FINALLY got the memo...

We have been anticipating, waiting, counting down the days until Autumn! I hated the phone calls I would make to family and friends back in Utah, bragging about their boots and their sweaters. Hearing about the Utah leaves especially tugged at my little heart strings. Last year I didn't even decorate for fall. With the temperatures outside hitting 105, I figured it just wasn't even worth it. This year, I have been especially anxious and missing the fall weather. It was a long, hot summer here. So, a couple Saturdays ago, Gabe and I were sitting on the couch watching football, and I said, "I've had ENOUGH of this summer business!" I pulled out all my fall decorations, turned the a.c. really high, made some chili, and with the help of pinterest.... (which I love.... Thank you again ASH!)... I brought fall to phoenix. It was still 105 outside but it didn't matter. I can make this house cold fast with all my fans and a.c. cranked up!
Then finally! Yesterday!!!! Fall came for real! People are actually wearing jackets! Now I wouldn't go as far as to put on a jacket right now, we're still in the high 70's. But we're getting there! It came right in time for General Conference. What an amazing weekend. I melted my new pumpkin spice scentsy, painted a little pumpkin and heard the words of the prophet. We loved it.
And... speaking of that. Here in Phoenix, they are starting the mormon.org ads on t.v. We saw 5 of the commercials during Dancing with the Stars. It was awesome. To see some more inspiring stories, and learn more about the amazing church we belong to, go here: here. I will warn you though, have a box of tissues handy.

Anywho... here's to fall! Or at least how fall looks at our house.

An idea from Pinterest... Love that place.

Our little witch we brought home from Prague. We love her! I am so glad I got her. She cackles and shakes her legs and her hair and eyes light up when we clap. I get a total kick out of her.

The cute wreath I made from last year. I think it was my first craft... in my whole life... ever... that looked decent.

The leaves don't fall here in phoenix. Well unless they are palm tree leaves, blown off by a wind storm... Otherwise known as a Haboob.

Bad pic taken with my phone, but loving the fall colors in my house!!!

I found this little gem at the D.I. a couple weeks ago.

Added a little paint and spruced him up a bit. I had no idea what to use as a stem. Until I was "sitting" one day... Toilet paper roll... pure genius I am!

Our little entry table. Thank you again pinterest for the free subway art and for making me into a crafter that otherwise would not be. I love mooching off of others craftiness.