Saturday, November 29, 2008

'Tis the Season!

The most wonderful time of the year has finally come!!!  We have been antisipating Christmas time for an especially long time now!  When we got engaged in the middle of the hot and sunny month of August, we kept saying, "When it gets cold, Christmas comes,
 and when Christmas comes, we get to get married!"  Well... It finally came!!!  The first sign of Christmas, and definately my most favorite part of the christmas season is the lights on Temple Square. They went up the day after Thanksgiving and of course... We just had to be there.  We bundled up, went out for a hamburger and then walked around with the rest of Salt Lake City that had ventured out to see the lights.  It was the perfect night, the lights were beautiful, and the best part about it, was that the next time we would be there, 
would be our wedding day!  The temple looked so beautiful and I can't wait to go with Gabe... Only 13 more days and I become Mrs. Valenzuela!
My favorite tree is the big bright red one, but it wasn't lit up this year, so we figured one of the 14 orange ones would have to do.
Mr. and Future Mrs. Valenzuela!
Outside the beautiful Temple
Just practising our grand exit for the 12th!