Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life is what happens... when you're not blogging!

Wow!  I can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged!  Life is just flying by way faster than I can keep up with!  It's already been a month since Gabe's birthday... and get this.... It's been a year since Gabe and I moved to beautiful California!  Above is a picture of Gabe and I the day we moved down.  We were trying to find our way on the map... the map of thousands of confusing roads, streets, and freeways.  And here we are a year later... I haven't mastered the map yet, but I know where home is, and that's all that really matters right? 

Well, it has been a fun month!  It started off with a trip to the San Diego Zoo with my Brother Wes, his cute wife Ash, and the most adorable niece and nephew on the planet! I've wanted to go the zoo since we moved down. But I couldn't convince Gabe to go walk around with huge Cali crowds to look at animals.  Thank Heavens my Brother had the same longing to go to the zoo, and invited me down!  What a fun Friday!  
Sometimes I wish I was a three year old again, still fascinated by everything, and seeing the elephants is really the coolest thing in the world. 

We had such a fun day.  (Could have done with out the snake exhibit though...)   And seeing Hays make Colty laugh from wearing the tiger mask made my day. Driving back to Mission Viejo from San Diego was unreal.  The traffic was absolutely, positively outrageous... But this face made the whole trip completely worth it.... (I'm talking about Colton's)
Thanks for letting me join in on the zoo fun Wes and Ash!  I loved it!

Gabe and I found this awesome little restaurant that serves sandwiches, burgers and pizza's.  To be completely honest, I don't even remember the name... I was too busy munching my Cheese-steak sandwich to remember anything.  The whole place was decked to the max in Americana stuff!  

We had a fabulous Easter Sunday.  We listened to the amazing words of the Prophet and felt the love from our Heavenly Father. We also got to see the Easter Pageant in Mesa, Arizona.  What an amazing program.  I have never seen anything like that before.  The life of our Savior came alive on stage.  It was fabulous. 

In one short year, Gabe and I have become quite the Angel's fans.  I especially love baseball season.  There is something about the spring air, the smell of hot dogs, the green grass and the roaring stadium.  I love it.  I always get a nostalgic feeling in a baseball stadium.  I can't help but always think back on one of the greatest night's of all time, when "ABIGAIL, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" flashed up on the big screen at the Bee's game.  Gabe's so sweet.  He takes the time to listen to me relive it  every baseball game we go to, while the other men around keep their eyes focused on the field.  One of the many reason's I said yes!  
We of course had to eat our way through the stadium...
The foot longs and popcorn were especially tasty...
And I made an extra effort to even have Angel's colored flip flops and toes...
Hopefully we'll spend some more beautiful nights in Anaheim, rooting for the Angels!

We've also been enjoying this beautiful spring weather!  I found this little nature walk close to our house.  Texas and I loved it so much that the next day we brought Gabe along with us.  I love all these pictures of Texas on our little hike.  He always looks like Eeyore, but here he's smiling!  To be honest, I think he's panting because he's lazy and out of shape.  But to me, he looks like he's smiling.  So I'm gonna go with that!  
My most favorite boys!  

This is the peace Garden along the path.  We had to take the picture fast before Texas starting investigating the area and ruined the peace.
The hike/leisurely walk along the paved path got a little scary.... not really, but we don't look so tired with our eyes wide open like this...

You can't beat a date night with the guy you love, an in-n-out burger, some french fries, a movie (coincidentally named "Date Night"), a tub, yes a tub of popcorn, a large diet coke... double re-fill, the IN-ability to fall asleep due to the double re-fill, watching dateline and 60 minutes into the wee hours of the morning, laughing out loud because you're so tired you can't sleep and then waiting in the parking lot for Coco's to open at 6:30 for breakfast.... mmmm. french toast.
One of my most favorite Dates of all time.  

Dear Life,
I love you, but please, Slow Down.  Never Mind, I'll just start running.