Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!  Gabe turned 26 yesterday and it has been quite the birthday weekend!  It started with an awesome "suprise" party...(i swear he knew) with some of Gabe's highschool buddies at chile's.  It was so fun to get together and hear about their "good old days".  He has such great friends and I love their wives.  Then we had cake and ice cream back at our place. I spent the whole weekend stressing over the cake... (i'm not much of a chef)  but it turned out so great!

The next day we went to his parents house for dinner and more cake.  The whole fam came over for the party.  Then Gabe and I decided to take advantage of the little sunshine we get in March and hopped on the bike and went on a ride.  We drove all around South Jordan and even to Coppertin, went on a little walk and then hit some balls around with the golf clubs.  We spent his actual birthday hangin' out and bein a little lazy with pizza and a movie.  It was quite the birthday extravaganza.

I've been thinking how crazy it is that just one year ago Gabe and I had just started dating.  Gabe spent his birthday on a cruise with his friends, while I was at home thinking about the cute boy that I was hoping would come home, give me a call and we could get to know each other a little more.  Who would have thought that a year later I would be married to that cute boy and having the time of my life?  Gabe came a day before St. Patricks day, and i find it maybe a coincidence that I am the luckiest girl in the world.  I am in love with my best friend.  He makes me happier than I could have ever imagined. Happy Birthday Gabriel!  I can't wait for all the adventures life has in store for us!  I Love you!

Sunshine days!

About a week ago Gabe and I got to visit California...TOGETHER!  I say together because Gabe visits there quite a bit with his job and all, but I was lucky enough to fly down after Gabe had been workin' hard for a few days and spend the weekend with him.  It was SO nice to feel the sun! I swear it had been forever!  What a great weekend it was!  I flew down on thursday night and we went to Dave and Busters for dinner.  We had thought it looked so fun on the commercials and so the second I landed, that was our first stop.  We ate a pretty good meal, I had a burger of course (the first of four while I was there, one everyday) and then we got a game coupon with dinner.  After we ate, we hit the arcades.  It was so fun, I felt like we were in Junior High again.  We drove the cars, motorcycles, shot at crap, and won ourselves 180 tickets!  It was so fun!

We spent the rest of the weekend hangin' out and havin' fun.  Gabe had to work a little bit, and I got to be his sidekick and navigate the GPS.  We spent a lot of hours on the L.A. freeways just chatting and laughing, got lost in downtown LA, spent time with Wes, Ash, and our adorable niece Hailey, ate a burger everyday, went to a musical in Baldwin Park, ate at the best breakfast place EVER, went out to lunch with Gabe's boss, bought a knockoff Ed Hardy purse and an awesome suite for Gabe,  and had the loved every second of hanging out with my cute husband and feeling the sun on my face!