Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Sunshine... Is 3 months old!

 My sunshine is 3 months old!!!  Well, again, she was 3 months on the 30... so I'm a little behind.  But I just can't keep up with her!  The days are flying by!  I can't believe that three months ago, she looked like this:
 And now!!! Look how big she is!  I can't even believe what 3 months can do.  Seriously.  
 What a joy my little Londyn Belle is to have around.  She seriously is my sunshine.  My light. She is so fun to be with and such a blessing in our home.  A little bit about this month and some things I don't want to forget.  Londyn is now a smiler.  And she is ALWAYS practising.  It is so fun to try and get her to smile.  It really doesn't take much.  For about a week we would whistle at her and she would get the biggest grin on her face.  We were such proud parents, always showing off our baby, whistiling all the time at her in front of others until she finally decided we weren't funny anymore.  She is such a good sleeper.  We finally gave into the fact that her natural bed time is about 8-8:30.  If she is down by then she sleeps about 10-11 hours.  She wakes up around 6 am and eats and plays for about an hour and then is back down for a 2 hour nap.  I am seriously the luckiest mama.  I wish I could say that I had something to do with it, but really, pure luck.  She is amazing and loves her sleep.  She is a great napper too.  I can tell when she is getting cranky and tired, so I swaddle her up, lay her in her crib while she's still wide awake and within minutes she is sleeping peacefully.  Always waking up with the biggest smile.  Gabe and I often race each other to the crib to get her out first because we are in love with that "good morning" smile.  We are 2 smitten parents, that is for sure.  I have to laugh at us sometimes when we are in public, both our heads leaned into Londyn's carseat, oohing and aweing at her like 2 complete idiots.  She loves it though and that's all we care about.   She LOVES her bath and gets one every night before eating and bed time.  She also loves it when I sing to her, so my vocal cords are always warm.  I'm having quite the time singing my old brighton camp songs.  She loves her stroller and her carseat and we are always walking in the morning before it gets too hot.  She is the best little shopping buddy and we've hit the mall a few times with Meg and Beau before they left for Utah.  It takes her about 25 minutes to eat now and she's eating about 6 times a day.  I was a little worried at first if that was enough, but I seem to be producing cream because the rolls on her arms and legs indicate that she has plenty of calories.  :) She still loves to cuddle and sometimes I just hold her instead of putting her down, just to soak up every last inch of her.  Sometimes I look at her and still can't believe that she is mine, that this beautiful little girl was created by Gabe and I.  She still melts my heart everynight when she looks up at me from her tub and smiles.  And everynight when i sing to her, I can barely get through "I am a Child of God, Walk Tall you're a daughter, or A child's Prayer" without choking up or letting a few tears roll down my cheek.  She is the most precious little thing.  She brings the spirit into our home like never before.  She is so close to our Heavenly Father, I can just feel it.  And I know that he watches her and protects her and wants her to be happy.  I just hope I can be a good mamma.  I feel so blessed that he trusts me with her.  What a perfect little beautiful spirit she is. Ahh, choking up right now.  I swear, these new baby hormones make me ALWAYS on the verge of tears.  Besides that, how am I doing?  Well, another 6 weeks have past since my "6 week" post.  I am feeling awesome.  I have so much more energy, which I owe to Londyn's 10 hour sleeping habits.  I am finally getting the hang of things.  I know what it takes to "get out of the house" and I think that everyday I am shaving off a few seconds to the long process of "getting out of the house".  I am so much more confident in myself as a mother.  I am in no way saying that I am perfect or know what I am doing by anymeans, but I am trusting my self a little more and learning to trust my instinct.  I am actually excercising quite a bit.  The weight is slowly... maybe too slowly... coming off.  I am running a little with the stroller, doing turbo kick and also doing body pump twice a week.  It has felt so good to go to the gym twice a week and body pump.  Gabe is an amazing babysitter while I am gone too.  I was looking at my body today in the mirror in my lifting class, and thinking about the amazing thing it did.  It was a home to a baby for 9 months.  It completely transformed and nurtured a living being.  What an amazing process that was, and now here I am 3 months later, able to excercise and lift weights.  It truly is amazing what our bodies can do.  I was also thinking that I am in no way what my body used to be.  I'm no where near what I used to look like.  I looked at my self and thought that a year ago, if I looked like this, I probably would have been super unhappy with how I looked.  Now blame that on my perception of body image, whatever.  But I looked at myself in the mirror today and was NOT UNhappy with what I look like. Yes, I will continue to work out and tone my body, and hopefully lose more of that baby weight, but I'm not in the slightest upset.  I have the most beautiful baby in the world that thinks that I am perfect.  To her, the sun rises and sets with me and her dad.  She looks at me with those big bright eyes and she thinks I'm pretty wonderful, and it doesn't matter to her at all that I'm not yet back in those little skinny jeans.  I'm sure glad she's around.  And yes, I am looking forward to the day that I fit back into my skinny jeans.  But for now, I'll just work at it slowly and enjoy my time with my little angel.  She keeps me going.  
Wow.  That was quite the post.  I dont blame you if you're not reading anymore.  I just don't want to forget all these feelings that I have and the things that I think about when I'm with Londyn Belle.  I just love her.  Enjoy some pictures from the last month! 
 Seriously... that smile.
 Shots from the doctor... she was not a happy camper that day. 
 Laughing outloud while Tex slumbers
 That face. It kills me how cute.
 Tummy time, which I so am not good at!
 First time in the bumbo with a little help from the boppy.
 The bows.  They are a little insane.  I love them. She is all girl.
 our morning walks
 She is so beautiful
 She loves her dad. 
I love cudding with her.  
At Gabe's graduation, more pics and a post to come.

making friends. Her first real interaction with Tex.  He is so good to her.
She really does love her carseat, contrary to this picture
 3 months!
 Tex came into to spend bath time with us
 Her most favorite part of the day.

K, seriously look how chubby she looks in her bumbo....
But 5 minutes later... not lookin so chubby

She loves her play gym... for about 5 minutes at a time. 

 Happy 3 months to our baby.
 We love you Londyn Belle!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Londyn visits Utah!

I did it!  I took my baby on the airplane.  I packed EVERYTHING up and we flew to Utah.  We went up for Londyn's blessing.  Gabe still had school and since I really had nothing going on, I went up a few... ok ten... days early.  It wasn't fun being away from dad for 10 days, but we did fill our time with lots of shopping, baby baths, and lots of naps.  We visited the new City Creek mall, which was awesome, along with the rest of the Salt Lake Valley.  Utah is so funny.  As soon as there is something new and trendy, EVERYONE is in it... including myself, but I just have to laugh.  We actually went three times.  It was so good for me to go to Utah.  I actually put my baby on a plane all by myself, went shopping, went to restaraunts.  I showed myself that we can actually have a life besides sitting on our couch watching the Today show and Live with Kelly.... and Friends, and How I met your mother.,... oh the list goes on. It was a great trip and I was so happy that my dad got to finally meet Londyn.  We also did her blessing there, but I'll write more about that in the next post.  It was an amazing day.  What a fun trip it was! Here are some pics, enjoy!

Wouldn't be a trip to Utah without sportin' our red!  Go utes!
My favorite part of the mall for sure... Harmons.  
Big chillin' at Nordstrom.  She was such good shopper, a girl after my own heart.
City Creek!  You can see how much L is enjoying it!

Celebrating 2 months in the tub... her favorite!!!!
The beautiful temple.  Salt Lake is so pretty!
WAiting in line for Rocky mt. chocolate.  Londyn's ticked because she didn't get any
Me and my belle
Loved spending the afternoon with Great Grammy and Grampa
With Grammy and Grampa
Lovin' on my Londyn Lu
Do you think her bow could get any bigger?
Is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen?
I was glad that she got to take full advantage of her fur in Utah.

We had a lovely easter after her blessing
Enjoying her loot that the Easter bunny brought her
Meeting Uncle Roman.  She was in love
With cute grandma Janice
Swinging with Grammy
Conference GNO at Nordstrom Bistro.  We were just missing sister LOLO
Conference snoozing.  Don't judge, you all know you've done it.