Thursday, July 26, 2012

Londyn's Blessing

I know. This was forever ago, but I didn't want it to just pass by and not record anything about it.  Londyn was blessed on April 8, 2012, Easter Sunday.  I always love Easter.  It is always such a beautiful day to reflect on our Savior Jesus Christ and his ultimate, loving sacrifice to us.  Easter represents new life and what a more special way to celebrate new life, than to bless our dearest new little Londyn Belle.  Usually on Easter, girlies get to wear a new crisp Easter dress.  But Londyn got to wear something more special than that.  She wore a white, beautiful blessing dress that her great great nana, her great grammy, her grammy, and her mamma were all blessed in.  I can't even believe that is even still knit together after 106 years.  Not only that, my grammy got it to be white just like it was brand new.  It was amazing and looked lovely on Londyn.  The day was perfect.  Londyn was a gem.  I prayed and prayed that she would be a good little girl.  And she did just that.  Gabe said that while he was giving the blessing, she just stared up at him.  He gave the most beautiful blessing.  And so many of our family and friends were there.   It was a beautiful day, one that we will always remember.  Here are some pics from the day:

Londyn in her beautiful dress

After the dress came off and the party really started

Easter treats
Londyn's pictures and sign in frame
The spread of goodies

The awesome egg boats that my mom spent hours on
4 generations, all blessed in the same dress


Our beautiful Belle.