Friday, November 13, 2009


I have FINALLY done it! Let me explain... When we first moved to California I set up a bunch of interviews to work as a dental assistant. I had been a dental assistant in Utah for about 5 years and thought of myself to be highly qualified... not the case apparently. Apparently in California you have to have a license to be a dental assistant, the RDA (registered dental assistant) license to be exact. I got to work. You would not believe the hoops California makes you jump through to get this license! But finally after 6 months, I took my last exam and passed! I am a California Registered Dental Assistant! After I passed the test, my cute husband Gabe took me out to an awesome dinner and we celebrated! No more dental tests for this girl! Let me know if you need me to polish your teeth....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Surprise Utah... Happy Halloween!

What a week we have had!  Gabe and I were a little down last week and needed something to cheer us up... you see, here in California, people like to pass around the swine flu like candy on Halloween.  Everyone had it... including us.  I'm not positive it was truly the swine, but it is the trendy thing here, so we're going with it.  Anywho... Gabe got sick, really sick.  And like the loving husband that he is, always sharing, shared it with me.  I can't complain too much though.  He had it worse than me... way worse!  Needless to say, we were in bed for almost a week!  We finally started to feel better on Thursday, and to really remedy our sickness, we got a phone call from Gabe's boss.  He offered us two tickets to the Utah Game on Saturday! It took us all but negative 0.5 seconds to decide.  We packed our bags and off we went to Utah!  
We loaded the car, put Texas in the back and headed out. You can see how excited Texas is for the 10 hour car ride.
The long drive back to Utah!
Texas actually enjoyed the ride.  He tried to bite the air coming through the window and then took a 9 1/2 hour nap... lucky dog.
When we left Cali it was around 75 degrees.  We pulled into Beaver at around 11:30 and it was 12 degrees outside.  I hadn't been that cold since we left Utah the first time.  Despite the cold, we couldn't pass up the huge chair pic... it is always a must.
We Got to Utah early in the morning and surprised everyone!  We didn't tell any of our family we were coming!  It was so fun to see everyone.  We got to go to lunch with Gabe's mom, dinner with my fam, and Texas got to meet everyone!
The fam at Market Street!
We were able to see Roman play football which was so awesome!  Gabe has seen every single one of Roman's games every since Roman was little.  And it was killing Gabe that he couldn't see his highschool games every Friday night.  On Halloween day we got our football fix!  It was so fun for us to go to Bingham Saturday afternoon and watch Roman and the rest of the Miners destroy Jordan.  It was such a beautiful fall day... perfect day for football!
After Roman's game, we headed up to the University of Utah to cheer on our Utes.  Once again, it was killing us that we couldn't watch our Utes every Saturday and we both missed being up at Rice-Eccles Stadium!  It was so fun to be back.  I love everything about Utah football! The lights, the fans, the smell of the Stadium and the Utes! 
Our Utes pullin' out a Victory against Wyoming.

I was so excited to see my chicas!  We wandered over to the old stomping grounds in the muss and found my beautiful friends.  These girlies and I have a long history of Utah games.  All my favorite Utah memories are with Kate and Becca!  I was so glad I got to see them for a quick second at the game.
We also got to spend some time with our good friends Nieder and Lisa.  Nieder and Gabe have been friends forever and I love his wife Lisa.  We caught up with them at the game and then had dinner with them later at (none other than) Apollo Burger.  (Still the best burger hands down)
Gabe's brother Matt and his cute girlfriend Sarah also came to the game and sat close with us. 
Our awesome third row seats!
We had an awesome time in Utah.  It was so fun to see our families, watch Roman play football, and cheer on the Utes.  Texas is completely tuckered out from meeting so many people, playing in the leaves and chasing the lawn mower.  Its finally back to Cali for us.... until Thanksgiving!
Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!  We sure did!